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Autumn is cool,suitable cardigan right now

A little autumn rain and slow wind,suddenly wecan sense a little cold autumn flavor unexpectedly.The knitting cardigan in thewardrobe can be useful now.Dressed with shorts and narrow feet jeans ordress,the knitting cardigan can give you tender security,and lengthen the charmof summer at the same time in the autumn wind.


 Straight version of item always can givepeople the sense of simple.So do long cardigan.Dressed within a vestsimply,trousers of bottom,you can maximize stretching your vertical line andmake a tall perfect shape.You can be tall and thin with such a combination.

 Dark cardigan coat with light color innermakes you thin.


 Stripe cardigan is one of the dynamicelements of this year,matching brunet skirts and white simple T-shirtsinside.It’s the best match to look lively and young.

 The brunet match makes you look thin.You canalso look trendy with some simple all-match single items.


 Cardigan skirt is the most simple way.You don’thave to spend time thinking about collocation of uppers and bottoms and dressup with a sweet style easily.

 It’s the most appropriate to dress up in thecollocation of elegance and warmth.