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Do you know bout the knitting density?

The knitting density refers to the density of knitting stitches. The closely it is knitted the knitwear is less easily to pill. The knitting density is a very important factor in knitting. Let’s learn about the knitting density.

The knitting density includes the horizontal density and vertical density. Horizontal density refers to the stitches in one inch or 1 cm knitting fabric, the unit of which is nm/inch or nm/cm.

The vertical density refers to the turns in one inch or 1 cm knitting fabric, the unit of which is turns/inch, turns/cm.

Knitting density is the basis of knitting craft calculation. You could not calculate the craft without the density. The accuracy of density calculation will decide if the size of knitwear is accurate or not. For example, if the chest breath is 50cm, the accurate horizontal density is 6nm/1cm, the error is 0.3nm/cm then there will exist 2cm (50* 0.3) difference in size. So it is very important to have accurate density. It can not only influence the size but also can influence the pilling of the knitwear. It should be paid much attention to knitting density. A common method is to test the density by knitting sample fabric.