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Basic Knowledge Yarn Gloves

As one of work gloves, cotton gloves are always named yarn gloves or cotton yarn gloves. Cotton gloves play an important part in working.

(1)Regarding to yarn contents

1.Recycled cotton gloves: They are made by recycled cotton which accounts 98% in the market and consist of sewing thread. The content of cotton in them is up to 50% and the cleanse in them is up to 50%.

Raw cotton gloves now are mainly used in low-temperature-resistance work. For example, in glass factory, the workers could move cold glass by the cotton gloves.

(2)Regarding to yarn color

1、color prime white(usually. greige yarn)

2、raw white

3、bleach white(usually recycled cotton)

4、fancy yarn gloves(usually recycled cotton)

(3)Regarding to yarn count
It could be categorized into germinal thread and ply yarn. The former is frequently used in the market while the latter is usually out of use because of its high price.

(4)Regarding to the proposition of cotton

1、Pure cotton 100%cotton

2、Polyester(usually recycled cotton  50%cleanse)

(5)Regarding to top

1、 recycled cotton yarn 5’s-10’s

2、Cotton yarn 10’s-21’s