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Grade of Mohair material

Mohair material is of various different grade from normal mohair, kid mohair and super kid mohair. Even they are all mohair , the difference in thickness and length make the final products different in quality.

The finest quality of mohair, of which Top Line is among the world’s greatest consumers, is that obtained from the first shearing. It is called superkid or superfine, and is that shorn from ony the youngest kids, usually those five or six months old.

The fineness of mohair, the determing factor of its quality , is measured in microns. Superkid that qualify for the name “baby” is from 24 to 26 microns thick.

The second shearing , performed after six months, produces kid of 27 to 28 microns of extremely fine quality, but not as soft as the first shearing.

The third and fourth shearings, given the name Young goats or Yearlings, produce a relatively fine fibre, 30 to 33 microns thick, that can be used for medium fine years, for fabric and for fine needlework.

From the fourth shearing on the fibre becomes adult mohair, from 30 to 40 microns, which although still an excellent fibre, can be used for needle work of medium quality, for bedspreads, shawls, etc.

Top Line mainly use kid mohair and super kid mohair in our yarn production. Therefore the mohair is of very good hand feel. Especially some high count kid mohair yarn is favored by top brands to use in knitting scarf and tops.