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What is the features of alpaca?

Alpaca is also abbreviated as AL. Alpaca lives in plateau with altitude over 4km mainly in Peru, Bolivia and Chile of South America. Most of the alpaca is kept in local people and Peru produce most quantity of the alpaca accounting for over 90% of the world total output.

There is no detail standard for the grade of the alpaca, mainly graded by the market and port. Alpaca is divided 8 colors in white, beige, gray, light brown, brown, dark brown, black and mixed color.

The scale of alpaca fibre is smoother than that of wool, similar to that of wool in the arrangement of the scale. The length is similar for different color alpaca fibre, nearly to 200-400mm and the average thickness of alpaca fibre ranges from 20-30um.

Alpaca fibre is divided into two varieties. One is curly fibre with silver luster and the other is straight fibre with luster similar to that of mohair. Alpaca is mostly blended with other natural fibre to produce high quality apperal.