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The supply of mohair fibre

High quality mohair is mainly produced in South Africa. In South Africa mohair goat raisers used to turn their product over to the MOHAIR BOARD (the organization that controls the production and process of mohair) to be selected for quality. Once the selection has taken place, lot by lot, the mohair goes to auction. The Top Makers (direct buyers) determine the base price of each quality of mohair by means of their offers. This Board was abolished in 1993, and now it is free market system. Mohair South Africa replaced the old Mohair Board and now focus on the marketing of the mohair fibre. Hanscent Shanghai is the branch of Mohair South Africa focusing on Asia market. Since 1993 producers can sell to whomever they choose and Mohair South Africa does not purchase or sell any mohair.

A similar Board exists also in Texas, but not all the producers belong to it, so there exist the alternative of buying directly from the animal raisers. In any case, it is always best to acquire mohair directly, controlling periodically the quality, since this can vary greatly according to the season and the fleeces, in order to have continual supply of high quality mohair it is necessary to make big investments in superior fleeces.