the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
What’s Camel Yarn?

The raw material is from Camel, mainly taken from the camel abdomen of the villi, camel hair color apricot, and soft loose, is to weave high-grade wool textile one of the important material. Camel hair products are light, soft, warm features, but its output is limited. One camel can only produce about 0.3 kg camel material, relatively more valuable than cashmere.

Camel fiber for the hollow structure is conducive to the storage of air. It is the strongest animal in the cold. Camel's overall stability is strong, durable, as well as fine soft light warm and strong, and other excellent features.

Consinee are selected are fine camel hair which is from the age of small camels collected from the villi, compared to adult camel hair more soft and delicate. Ceratoides because of its low yield, so in the spinning process used in the rough spinning process to count16 and count26, and the main stock color is raw color.

Camel hair features: suede plump, beautiful, soft texture, flexible, thicker, bright color, warm and good, horizontal, and vertical have a greater flexibility.

The min order is 1kg/color for stock yarn. Consinee yarn becomes many designers brand of choice. Quality control more stringent, so more and more people prefer to choose Consinee yarn.

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