the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Cashmere material affects the quality of cashmere yarn

Cashmere is precious natural fibrewhich is also called “soft gold”. Cashmere material is divided into several grades ranging from 28-36mm and the fineness ranges from 14.5 micron to 17 micron even thicker. Cashmere material price of different length and fineness differs greatly. the material factory sell the cashmere fibre of different grades to different buyers. And then it is spun into cashmere yarn in spinning factory.

Consinee selects the best cashmere material of no more than 15.5 microns and fibre length between 34-36mm as the material of Consinee cashmere yarn, which is far better than that of most suppliers in industry. Most other supplier use thicker cashmere fibre over 16.5 micron even thicker to reduce the cost of cashmere yarn but it also bring down the yarn quality.

Cashmere material is divided into three categories white cashmere, gray cashmere and brown cashmere. White cashmere is most expensive and suitable to be dyed into light color cashmere and brown cashmere and gray cashmere can be dyed into dark color cashmere. White cashmere is not east to take color and would take much dyes if dye dark color, which would damage the quality of cashmere. So white cashmere is usually be used to dye light color cashmere while brown cashmere and gray cashmere material is used to dye dark color cashmere. There is no better or worse for different color cashmere materials used in different color cashmere just to take most advantages of them by their features.