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Does mohair clothes scratch?

Some people wonder if mohair clothes scratch. In fact real mohair does not scratch. Real mohair may curl and become shorter after long time wear. Mohair clothes is very soft and of good elasticity. The light color mohair clothes do not fade only the navy or black color may have color floating in the first wash which is normal. Do not rinse too much time in the first wash and dry it after gentle wash.

Mohair is widely used in luxury products like coat fabric, knitwear, hand knitted scarf or sweater etc.Fine mohair is used in lining and undershirt. Finer mohair yarn is used in summer clothes, border lace etc. Thick mohair yarn is used in tweed and rug.

Our country has done research and has produced mohair products combing the features of silk and wool. Mohair is spun with spun silk or acrylic and then spun with raw silk or polyester. Mohair material can be spun with spun silk and acrylic or wool/ polyster, or it can be spun with spun silk and acrylic then spin with wool/polyster yarn.