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How to Maintain Mohair yarn?

There is lots of mohair product in the market such as shiny mohair, lurex mohair, brushed mohair. Mohair refers to curl hair from angora goat. Many so called mohair clothes in market are fake mohair.

Some customers do not know how to maintain mohair because mohair fibre is long and soft. In fact mohair clothes can be dry washed and water washed. If dry wash you can choose light oil or dry cleaning agent and wash by partial spary, in which way the clothes can be cleaned and remain its shape.

If water wash you can soak the mild water with high quality neutral detergent, then pinch it gently. After rinsing it clean you can make softening treatment with Silk wool softener. Then you can put it in nylon bag to drain the water and then dry with clothes hanger. It is not suggested to wash mohair in washing machine in mid or high breaker. If you have to wash in washing machine you can put it in nylon bag and wash with lowest break. Mohair clothes should not be ironed. If you do not wear it you can hang it in Wardrobe and do not press under other clothes, which may destroy the surface flock.