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Mohair is Hair from Hippocampus?

Mohairis Hair from Hippocampus?

       Mohair is not the hippocampus's hair! It’sthe coat of the wool of the Angolan goat. In the Turkish language, meaning"the best hair". Good elasticity, pressure, a special luster, is themanufacture of plush fabric of fine raw materials. Mohair is the world's mostadvanced animal textile fiber raw materials.

     Mohairwidely used in coat fabrics, knitted, hand shawls, sweaters, blankets and otherfields as high-end product. The finer mohair is used to make plush and clotheslinen, fine summer clothing, decorative lace, curtain cloth, etc. Thick mohair isused to make rough and carpet. Mohair and silk, and acrylic, and thenseparately with mulberry silk, raw silk, polyester silk intertwined. Hair styleare: mohair and silk, blended yarn for weft yarn weaving, or with wool /polyester blended yarn, or with mohair and silk, wool blended yarn, and thenwith wool / polyester blended yarn and so on.



  Mohairis a high-grade wool product of raw materials, mainly used for plush, along thecoat it, jacquard blankets and some high-gloss woolen fabric and knitted wool.Thick wool needle hand-woven horse sweater, wearing a soft, such as silkfog-like fiber, constitute a noble, lively and rugged clothing style, loved bythe people. Some people put the fluffy acrylic yarn known as "mohair"for sale, resulting in misunderstanding, that acrylic stretch yarn, at best,can only be called "imitation mohair".

Mohair has goodflexibility, pressure, a special luster, used to do sweaters and coats. Soclothing is very warm and good


It is easy to dyehair. Mohair clothes will have a lot of beautiful colors, relatively lightsome, but the temperature is no less. Compared with cashmere is also more care,fluffy feels absolutely let you Love it! Mohair coat characteristics are veryobvious, the surface of the hair is like being pulled the same, fluffy feelvery special, warm milky white is your must receive the style.