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How to distinguish real mohair from fake mohair?

The real mohair is actually angora goat hair, which features large fibre diameter, long length around 120 to 150mm. mohair fibre is bright in luster and strong in strength and with good elasticity. The yarn made from mohair has straight small hair and not likely to felted or fall, therefore mohair yarn is fluffy. China do not produce mohair and its total output is limited. Top Line mainly import mohair fibre from South Africa.

There is lot of fake mohair in the market and sell in large quantity. Fake mohair is mainly made from acrylic. Fake mohair features uneven tops, and its hair is small and easy to curl. Fake mohair knitwear is easy to felt after worn and of weak lustrous. Fake mohair knitwear is tough in feel and not good in heat retention property.

The easiest way to distinguish real mohair from fake mohair is to fire the yarn and observe the fire remains. Real mohair become ashes after fired with smell of firing hair, while fake mohair become sticky black hardness and smells bad.

When you are choosing mohair yarn please pay attention to below tips.

1.Observe the color. Real mohair is brilliant in color, not dazzle or faded.

2.Observe the luster. Real mohair is neat in small hair, do not have too many hairs or has the feel of rope.

3.Observe the evenness. The single or twisted ply should be loose, round and even. If you touch it is soft with rigidity. It is not just simple light but full and thick, not shriveled but flexible, not sticky or loose.

You need to pay attention if the evenness is round or fat and if it is flexible. When you rub the yarn there is no silk scroop. Acrylic yarn is brilliant in color but real mohair yarn should not dazzle.

By Pengpeng