the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Where to buy precious sustainable yak yarn?

Precious, soft, and natural, yak fiber is causing a stir in world fashion industry these two years. Yak hair has cashmere- like feel which is soft, warm and tender to skin. Yak wool is very fine, the average fiber micron is around 17-18um and 30mm in length, majority of its fiber looks brown and black. Yak fiber appears rich luster, natural and soft, perfect evenness, soft hand feeling, nice elasticity, good strength, breathability and air permeability, besides the crocking resistance and warm keeping are as good as cashmere. Whether for the quality or the rarity, it can be definitely compared with cashmere as the top textile material.

In the fight against desertification yak hair is eco and a sustainable alternative to cashmere and a tool in the fight against desertification.

Besides, yak hair can endow knitwear a rough and straightforward feeling which lack in cashmere or other wool. The knitwear made from yak yarn is naturally draped and neutral. Some manufacturer designs coat or scarf with yak yarn and is favored by customers.

Consinee promote a collection of yak yarn both 100% yak and yak blend yarn in recently years. Consinee is excited to present a number of color from the natural brown color to fashion colors. Our APOLLO (2/16 65%Baby Wool 25%Yark10%Cashmere) has 30 beautiful colors. This is only a start of our eco- friendly fashion story, we hope as the time passes the demand for sustainable products can promote development of more yak yarn.