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Fiber queen –linen

The ancients have long been on the linen fiber soft natural luster, and its non-stick dust, can keep clean, modern called "health performance" of the two characteristics, with a profound understanding.

One is to show that linen is in a lot of textile fibers in the degree of treasure and show its noble level.

Secondly, the queen not called the emperor is representative of the flax fiber with the characteristics of female beauty.

Thirdly, why is it called the queen and not the princess? This is the induction of the meaning of another layer of linen style. Linen special style is "both crisp and flexible, with a smooth appearance and straight forward quality, depending on the bright luster without flashing dazzling, touch the feeling of feeling and feel frivolous, gives a tough pure, soft and natural, bright and beautiful, dignified and generous special feeling ".

1, Body changeable, wave circulation naturally in linen fiber is one of the characteristics of its shape changeable, uneven thickness, the length of missing.

2, Moisturizing thermostat, breathable cool body, dust and antibacterial, comfortable and pleasant nature to give flax characteristics, the health care function have been seen above.

3, Fold is a feature of linen. However, this has become another important feature of the linen style, in order to highlight this style, the traditional flax products have always maintained a plain "true" that the United States popular view. Many foreign friends have repeatedly stressed that the fold is the test true and false the main method of flax.

Introduction of characteristics and style of linen can cause people who love life, more love of linen textiles. People also like linen style really good and beautiful personality image can inspire people engaged in linen business, more love their work, for the pursuit of a better life, to create a more progressive human civilization and work hard!

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