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Cotton Character

Many times we all know that cotton fabric is very comfortable to wear. There are many advantages of cotton, and now we talk about the main characteristics of cotton.


Cotton fiber has good hygroscopicity. In normal circumstances, the fiber can absorb water to the surrounding atmosphere, the moisture content of 8-10%. So it touches the human skin, and makes people feel soft and not stiff. If the cotton moisture increases, the ambient temperature is higher. Then the water content of the fiber will all evaporate away, so that the fabric to maintain water balance state, and people feel comfortable.


As the cotton fiber is hot and electrical bad conductor. The heat transfer coefficient is very low, and because of the cotton fiber itself has a porous, high elasticity advantages. Between the fiber can accumulate a lot of air, the air is hot and electrical bad conductor. So pure Cotton fiber textiles with good moisturizing, wearing cotton fabric clothing makes people feel warm.

Heat resistance

Pure cotton fabric heat resistance is good, at 110 ° C below, will only cause moisture on the fabric evaporation, will not damage the fiber. So cotton fabric at room temperature, wearing, washing and dyeing on the fabric has no effect, which Improve the cotton fabric washable wear resistance to wear performance.

Alkali resistance

Cotton fiber on the alkali resistance is greater, cotton fiber in alkaline solution. The fiber does not damage the phenomenon; the performance is conducive to the use of pollution after washing, disinfection in addition to impurities, but also cotton textile dyeing, printing and A variety of processing technology to produce more new varieties of cotton.


Cotton fiber is a natural fiber. Its main component is cellulose. There are a small amount of waxy substances and nitrogen and pectin. Cotton fabric has a wide range of inspection and practice, fabric and skin contact without any stimulation, no negative effects, and long wear on the human body beneficial harmless, good health performance.

See here, understand the cotton even have so many excellent features, think of life is also often contact with cotton.

If the cotton and "fiber Queen" silk will be combined with what experience?

Or the combination of cotton and "fiber-based air-conditioning" flax will be what experience?

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