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How to clean and maintain silk knitwear?

Silk is a kind of excellent natural fibre and silk clothes such as silk knitwear or silk shirt is loved by many consumers. Do you know how to clean and maintain silk clothes to keep them in good condition?

Clean by water: the silk clothes are made of protein, fragile and health care fibres, and it is better not to use tough articles to scrape or wash it in a washing machine. However, the clothes should be soaked in cool fresh water for 5 to 10 minutes and then use special silk detergent, or compound low foaming detergent or neutral soap should be used to rub the clothes gently; colored silk clothes can be rinsed in fresh water repeatly.

Drying: when washed, the silk clothes are not suitable to dry in the sun, let alone dried by drier; generally it should be air dried in the venting shade, since the ultraviolet radiation in the sun may make the silk fabrics turn to yellow, fade away or age easily. Therefore, when washing the silk clothes you would better not to wring out, but to fluff out gently, and then to lay out open with inside outward to more than half dry, then iron it to dry and lay it flat.

Do not hang the silk clothes to the metal hood to avoid the damage to the surface of the silk clothes.

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