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How to resist crease of silk material?

Silk clothes is favored by many customers in summer because its cool and comfortable feel. You can see various silk blouse, dress and scarf in market. Silk is a kind of precious natural fibre which is smooth, lustrous, and has excellent texture. It contains 18 kinds of amino acid which is anti-acarid, anti-microbial and antiallergic and can enhance metabolism. Silk material can be used in all seasons especially in summer. But silk material is easy to get crease which affects its wearing experience. How to resist crease of silk material?here is some tips.

It is better not wear silk clothes as inner clothes. Because silk clothes are easy to be get crumble with the press of outer clothes. Avoid it from being hooked by pointed accessory like brooch or zipper of the outer clothes. If there is partial crease you can spray some water with spray bottle on the clothes, when it get dry the crease will reduce.

If there is crease on the silk clothes, you can iron it with steam iron. If it is slightly crease you can hang it in bathroom after bath in evening, the moisture steam can help reduce its crumble.

When you store it you can hang it with wide hanger in uncrowded wardrobe and try to reduce squeeze.

Silk blend material is less easy to get crease. If you are knitwear producer you can choose silk blend yarn such as silk cashmere yarn, silk cotton yarn, silk linen etc. you can find many silk blend yarn in Consinee website. If you have interest you can contact with the sales service to learn more.