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Mako Cotton

    Mako cotton is produced in Egypt, high-quality cotton. The characteristics are the long hair (fiber length of more than 31.8 mm), a silk luster, and texture tough and delicate feel. Mako cotton is the textile industry's finest raw materials in the world long renowned. Egypt is the world's most important export area for long-staple cotton. Because of its inherent quality is best, its price is the world's most expensive


    Egyptian cotton isthe biggest feature of good fineness (basic in the range of 3.8-4.2), the staining effect is good. In addition to the Egyptian cotton strong, basically Mako cotton can do 11 million pounds or more.


    My company's fancy yarn in the cotton yarn raw materials are used in Mako cotton. Colorful, fashionable and high quality, is the first choice for high-grade fancy yarn,widely sought after by consumers and designers.


    Lotus: 100% Mako Cotton  - Count: Nm4.4 - Suggest Gauge: 4 Gauge - Applicable products: knitted products