the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Why choose Consinee yak yarn?

yak is a kind of precious natural fibre whcih is collected from yak animal in Qinghai-Tibet plateau. yak fibre is warm, soft and eco firiendly and knitwear made from yak fibre is very popular.Consinee yak yarn is made from best yak fibre and processed by advanced Italian spinning equipments.let's learn about Consinee yak yarn:

1.    Superior yak’s 'down hair'

The average diameter of the 'down hair' is about 18 ~ 20um; length is about 3.4 ~ 4.5cm. It is elastic, luster, soft, smooth and similar to cashmere quality and belongs to advanced textile materials. It is so superior and suitable for knitting and that is the reason why Consinee choose it.

2.    Consinee select and choose the best yak fiber

Best quality 'down hair' means the best yak fiber; its diameter is between 17.5 to 19 microns. Consinee purchase such yak fiber to make sure the spun yarn is soft and warm. And yak fiber in this range can also give yak garment softness and durability.

3.    Less coarser hair mixed

Consinee purchase the best yak fiber for yarn production annually and has a stable purchase channel to make sure that the yak fiber’s quality is the best and less ' guard hair' -- coarser hair mixed.

Consinee has below yak yarn in stock service:

2/16 65%Baby Wool 25%Yark10%Cashmere(Woolen)- 30color

2/26 65%Baby Wool 25%Yark10%Cashmere(Woolen)- 1color

2/26 70% yak 30%cashmere

2/26 75% mer. Wool (90’s) 25% cashmere

2/32 100% yak (semi worsted)