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Blended Cotton and Linen

   Linen fiber has advantages with moisture, heat, breathable, anti-bacterial, anti-moth, anti-static and so on. Linen is fine texture, beautiful and comfortable. Flaxwater absorption rate several times faster than cotton, its breathable moisture absorption is better. So more and more popular with consumers, and linen becomes a summer necessities.

    But linen has a bad feature is bad feeling and the single color, after people continue to research and development, to produce a cotton and linen. Blended cotton and linen inherited the advantages of linen and the softness of cotton, sweat better. So in the summer fabric selection on the people are more willing to choose cottonand linen.

    Top-line fancy yarn -   Raffia(Nm10 -58% cotton 38%linen 4% polyamide fiber) combines the combination of cotton and linen, attached to the fancy yarn production process, in the traditional flat yarn production based on the creation of fancy slub yarn. In this way, the yarn has the advantages of cotton and linen. There are fancy yarn novelty, in the summer heat for people to create surprises and cool.

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