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How to distinguish the real silk from the fake silk?

Silk is a precious natural material that isfavored by many customers. While there is many fake silk that is sold as realsilk in market. How to distinguish real silk from fake cashmere? There isseveral ways as below:

1.      By appearance. Experienced customerscan distinguish the real silk by the appearance. Real silk is gentile andbright, smooth and even in color. There is no color difference and dyeingdefect.

Real silk can absorb light, smooth but not bright as mirrorsurface. Fake silk can reflect the light obviously. And the texture is lightand thin.

2.      By touch. Real silk is soft andsmooth. There is no rough and coarse feel when you touch it.

3.      By rubbing. There is when rubthe dry silk, that is silk scroop. If there is no silk scroop, it is fake silk.

4.      By burning. You can distinguishby burning the leftover silk material. Real silk burns without open fire. Itsmells like burning hair when burning with white smog. Silk material is flameretardant and it will die out after leave the fire source. The leftovers afterburning is taupe ball and can become ashes if press with hand. While fake silkis mainly made from petroleum and it burns quickly and sharply with black smog.It becomes horniness.