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the Difference between Linen and Cotton Linen Blended

Linen fabric is the main material of linen. Linen fabric with sweat absorption, good permeability and harmless to the human body and other characteristics, has beenthe favorite of many users. The main process of the utility model is that the yarn is formed by twisting the flax into a thread. The fiber is high and the toughness is full. Linen fabric can be divided into three categories: coarse texture, linen, medium texture and fine texture.

Cotton and linen blended fabric is the main material of cotton and linen, cotton, hemp, which belongs to a blended fabric. Cotton fabrics after dyeing, processing a variety of colors,with more color. What is more important is that although the cost of raw material is lower than that of flax. It has the properties of flax. Therefore, cotton fabrics will be a new breakthrough of ramie textile industry.

Linen fabrics of toughness and luster than cotton fabrics, and moisture absorption and air permeability are better than cotton fabrics. But the cost of flax than cottonand high cost, this is also the reason why the cotton fabrics in the daily frequency of use in the decoration of linen fabric than high.

Although the performance is better than cotton and linen fabric, but the demand for cotton fabrics is in use than more flax. Judging from different angles, the results are also different. Interms of performance, a stroke above flax! In terms of price and use, it is astroke above mianma!