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Do you know the features of yak fiber?

Yak fiber appears rich luster, natural and soft, perfect evenness, soft hand-feeling, nice elasticity, good strength, breathability and air permeability, besides the crocking resistance and warm keeping are as good as cashmere. Whether for the quality or the rarity, it can be definitely compared with cashmere as the top textile material.

Due to any natural fiber has its own characteristic which determine the superiority. The yak products have the below attributes:

(1) Soft hand-feeling: Yak fiber is fine, and the outer squama is thicker and softer than cashmere. Therefore the yak products are with soft hand-feeling which can be compared with cashmere.

(2) Great in warm keeping: The medulla of the yak fiber is bamboo-shaped but cashmere is continuous. Hence the yak fiber is more easy to store of air, and the warm keeping is better than cashmere.

(3) Moderate elasticity: The strength of the single fiber is 1.5 multiple of cashmere, thus the products have nice elasticity, high strength and good durability for wearing and washing.

(4) Soft and natural luster:  The color of the yak looks natural and luxurious which has an deep impression to come back to the simple nature. Moreover, it is good in color fastness of yak itself and can keep as long as until the dress is worn out ; The color will be unique after redyed on the stripped fiber by using  the modern technology.

(5) However the yak fiber length is almost 30mm below which make easy for dropping, but much better than dehaired angora.

(6) The pure yak fiber looks brown and black but especially scarce in white, hence it is suitable for the dark products which become generous and noble in style. If prefer the light colors, it should be redyed after stripped by using  the modern technology.