the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Cashmere is the best material to make sweater

if you are over 20 year old, you should pay much attention to the material and texture of the clothes rather than only care if it is nice or not. You will feel you wear clothes for yourself not for other people. The feel of your own body is most important. If a piece of clothes is pretty in style and appearance but not so comfortable, you would not like to buy it.

Whether clothes are comfortable or not depends on the material of the clothes. Natural fiber is always the best material for making clothes. The softest cashmere, smooth silk, warm wool and gentile cotton as well as cool linen are all very excellent material chosen by long human history. They breathes well and are friendly to skin. Cashmere is the best of all natural fiber yarn which is soft, light and smooth. People love cashmere product.If you can afford it, I suggest you try cashmere yarn to produce sweater, scarf or other knitwear.