NM2/48 70%Cotton30%Cashmere Yarn(Semi-Worsted)

NM2/48 70%Cotton30%Cashmere Yarn(Semi-Worsted)


Gauge suggested:14/16 gauge

Colors in stock:4color

*Color card service

MOQ:1kg/color for stock service, 30kg/color for customer service

There is one color available in stock service for this item. but We can special produce your favorite colors by your request.

Cotton cashmere yarn

1. Best cotton materials

Consinee responsibly choose best Egyptian cotton material, which is naturally white and slender with good luster and enjoys a good reputation for long time.

2. Cotton and cashmere blend yarn

Egyptian cotton is superior to ordinary cotton in high count yarn spinning and has better lustre. Cotton is widely used spring summer yarn spinning.

Consinee introduces cotton into cashmere yarn spinning such as 2/48 85% Cotton15% Cashmere(Semi-Worsted) which has better anti-pilling resistance.

Cotton cashmere yarn is favored by many buyers for its excellent quality and economical price.

SANDBANKS Color Carded

Please request an actual swatch since colors can vary on screen