2/26 70% Mercerised Wool 30% Recycled Cashmere

2/26 70% Mercerised Wool 30% Recycled Cashmere


Gauge suggested:12G

Colors in stock:1COLOR

*Color card service


A diverse range of blended cashmere yarns suitable for all seasons that utilise our post factory production waste yet still offer the same luxury hand feel and
performance as you would expect from our core collection. Our recycled collections part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental protection policy.

Merino wool yarn Consinee’s selection of best  merino wool
1. Superior merino wool material origin from Australia
2. FINENESS 14.5--20.5 MICRON wool fiber
3. use Wool Tops from 70's to 120's
4. Fine, soft, warm and comfortable

Consinee also producewool knitting yarn in Mercerized wool, merino wool, bassoran wool, superwash wool in which many is suitable for gloves knitting especially superwash merino wool yarn. we also produce by your composition, count and style. thanks to contact us if you are interested.

Consinee choose the Recycled cashmere yarn

Since the world resources of raw materials are limited and the damage done to the environment to produce them is a reality, we believe being able to offer a high quality cashmere range of yarns is an essential step in the sustainable direction for cashmere and blend with other fibres.

Consinee group strictly selects the material,sure that our recycled cashmere material is high quality .The recycled cashmere materials are all from the stocked clothing ,and the clothing is never been worn.Thus,the utilization rate of raw material is fully improved,which is good for environment.