NM2/48 90% Mer.Wool 10% Cashmere Yarn(Worsted)

NM2/48 90% Mer.Wool 10% Cashmere Yarn(Worsted)


Gauge suggested:14/16 gauge

Colors in stock:28 colors

*Color card service

MOQ:1kg/color for stock service, 30kg/color for customer service

The combination of cashmere and wool makes perfect yarn product.Besides,we have many kinds blend yarns of cashmere such as cashmere and silk blend yarn,cashmere and cotton blend yarn,cashmere and linen blend yarn,cashmere and yak blend yarn,cashmere and Dehired racoon blend yarn and so on.

Consinee cashmere and wool blend yarn:

1. Cashmere and wool make perfect couple in textile spinning. Cashmere and wool has excellent thermal insulation which makes people feel cool in summer and warm in winter.

Cashmere wool blend yarn is used in both in Fall Winter season and spring summer season.

2. High count cashmere wool yarn can be used in spring summer wear. In 16SS season we have ALBANY (2/48 90%Mer.Wool 10%Cashmere Worsted), which has 28 colors in stock service. And we also have other cashmere wool blend yarn with other natural fiber such as 2/52 70% Silk 20% Mer.Wool 10% Cashmere(Semi-Worsted) etc.

3. In Fall winter season we have classic 2/26 70% Mer.wool(90's)30% Cashmere (72 color available) and 2/48 70% Merino Wool 30% Cashmere(Worsted)(54 colors available).

The wool material we use is high quality super fine Australia merino wool fiber

Below is our stock hot selling pure cashmere yarns for your reference.

Product ModelComponentYarn CountCraftGauge
HESTIA70%Mer.Wool 30% CashmereNM2/26Woolen12G
LAIMA70%Mer.Wool 30% CashmereNM2/48Worsted16G
CJ12016290%Mer.Wool 10% CashmereNM3/68Worsted16G
CJ12009685%Mer.Wool 15% CashmereNM3/68Worsted16G
CJ12008785%Mer.Wool 15% CashmereNM2/80Worsted18G

You can also customize your special color ,composition and yarn count and we are pleased to satisfy your need.

With the time going, cashmere has gone to the common people’s home, women prefer to the basis product like scarf ,as it is very thin like a dragonfly’s wing, and it is very soft like baby’s skin, and never out of time .
China ranks first in cashmere production in the world and most high quality cashmere is from China. Equipped with the most advanced spinning equipment from Italy, Japan and Germany Consinee produce 10% share of world total cashmere output and has gained many national patents in yarn industry.

As a professional China Textile Factory of Cashmere Yarn, Consinee has a good reputation in the world. To pursuit the best Quatilty of cashmere yarn produced, Consinee select the best material from Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Ningxia and keeps strict standard on the fineness, fiber length etc. to ensure top product quality.

Consinee Workshop

ALBANY Color Carded

Please request an actual swatch since colors can vary on screen